Founded to support social enterprise and the voluntary and community sector to develop

Development in Social Enterprise CIC is a social enterprise Ltd by Guarantee Company no:07564772 and was founded in March 2011 by David Lane  [pictured] when voluntary groups, community organisations and social enterprises were at risk of losing quality developmental support, advice and guidance due to serious public sector funding cuts.

Dave wanted to ensure that organisations who needed expert advice could find it at a value for money price. He therefore founded Development in Social Enterprise a social enterprise that works with associates and partners to reduce overheads and ensures every pound is spent on advice.

We established Development in Social Enterprise CIC in March 2011 in direct response to budget cuts, service realignment and austerity measures that have seen the business support environment for civil society organisations [particularly small to medium] erode at a time of great need.

"Civil society organisations deserve high quality, professional and value for money services to help navigate change and become stronger so that they can do what they do best; work with the most disadvantaged and transform lives. This is what we deliver". Dave Lane, Founder and CEO

Our associate model of business  reduces the cost of high quality community organisation and social enterprise support.


  • ensure there is affordable Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise development services available
  • to maximise social impact and improve services for vulnerable people
  • ensure services provided are value for money
  • ensure services impact positively on the local community
  • minimise our negative impact on the environment
  • increase the sustainability of quality secure employment opportunities within the "not for personal profit" sector
  • help to create a mixed economy providing choice for local people

We are a Community Interest Company [CIC] Ltd by Guarantee and committed to building strong sustainable community organisations and social enterprises.

A Community Interest Company is
'asset locked' with profits of the company being re-invested into our social mission
'to increase the sustainability of quality secure employment opportunities within the not for personal profit sector' our founding members have named St. Paul's Community Development Trust as an asset locked body that would receive the company's assets if it is dissolved.

Company registered in England and Wales No 07564772

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